We are Eternal Sun

Sure about solar

We build high-end simulators that recreate sunlight. They’re used by the world’s biggest solar panel producers and leading R&D labs to assure the quality of their panels. We make sure they can be sure about what they produce.

You could say we wake up every day to assure the world of solar performance. And with solar being well on it’s way to become the world’s leading energy source, we believe that certainty is needed. In the end, nobody likes to waste energy. We are sure about solar. We’d like you to be too. 

Career opportunities

Technical Business Developer
  • Den Haag, Netherlands
Corporate Recruiter (pt/ft)
  • Den Haag, Netherlands
Monteur Machinebouw
  • Den Haag, Netherlands

Turning new talent into trusted colleagues

Pragmatism is our forte


Den Haag

Hoofdkantoor Den Haag

Wolga 11
2491 BK Den Haag

+31 15 744 0161